Sicom Olona Srl was founded in 1999 by Matthew Zambusi and Amerigo Gennaro Angelo Devito that promote the production of plastic molds for the professional irrigation farming and gardening. We particularly small fittings for polyethylene pipes, fittings tape, mini valves, sprinklers, accessories and especially drip irrigation, both albericoltura, vineyards, vegetable crops, both for integrated drip.

We develop and design special molds and products to clients' request.

Since 2000 in Italy exclusively distribute products Weathermatic Dallas (, in particular those for irrigation, integrated control systems with control of irrigation evapotranspiration (ET), solenoid valves, sprinklers and turbine Static pop-up sprinklers are suitable for every application for private facilities, public areas and sports facilities

From 2006 to distribute exclusive basis in Italy for Netafim, a world leader in drip irrigation ( their products for gardening, with particular reference to units, solenoid valves with latching solenoid, drip and drip for subsurface irrigation.

We provide our customers free technical support services and planning for the construction of agricultural irrigation systems, gardens and parks, commercial and sports.

We sell above ground pools, chemicals, skilled and innovative for the maintenance of all types of pool cleaners and pool is underground and above ground. We work with the company Verdeacqua ( that sells and installs ground pools and traditional bio design and low voltage lighting products with qualified American Cast (